Month: February 2016

Study | Wildlife Ranching Sector

The Endangered Wildlife Trust has recently completed an 18 month national study on the wildlife ranching sector of South Africa, a form of land use that has become increasingly prevalent over the last 40 years. The study assessed the social, economic and conservation benefits provided by wildlife ranching and was conducted with the intention of addressing a lack of information about the extent and value of the sector. Such gaps in knowledge made it difficult to ascertain the circumstances under which the benefits from the sector are greatest and for the government to support the sustainable development of the wildlife ranching industry as part of the green economy agenda in South Africa. Further reasons for the study were to help develop best practice and incentives to promote the industry as a means of helping South Africa achieve commitments to international conservation targets and to develop appropriate legislation to regulate the industry.

According to Dr. Andrew Taylor, “Our study reiterates earlier findings that wildlife ranching is a thriving industry in South Africa and that the sustainable use of our wildlife resources can contribute important conservation, economic and social benefits to the biodiversity economy when it is practiced responsibly.”

This study was funded by the Green Fund, but all findings and opinions are those of the EWT and do not represent the official view of the Green Fund.